Winter Newsletter 2016

Bombshell Property Tax Ruling Includes Unreasonable Compensation Issues Study Reveals a Shift in Approach to Valuing Synergy How An Audit Committee Investigates Fair Value Estimates Trade Secret Valuation Paradox Chancery Blasts Expert Over Manipulated Valuation 20 Questions to Ask When Valuing Intellectual Property Winter 2016 Newsletter (Reader)


Are You Worried About The Value of Your ESOP Stock?

You should be! The valuation of ESOP stock is of particular importance to the ESOP trustees and ESOP participants. One of an ESOP trustees’ fiduciary responsibilities is to understand and approve the ESOP stock valuation. For participants, the ESOP stock value directly impacts their retirement benefits. These issues are enough keep you up at night!…


A Valuation Carol: Our Secret To Business Valuations

Our Secret To Business Valuations is all about asking the right questions. Should we be really be giving away our secret to business valuations? YES! GHOST OF VALUATIONS PAST The best place to start the due diligence process is getting a sense of where the subject company has been in order to see where it’s…


The M&A Resource, 2015 Edition, Volume 4

All in the Family Business Family Options and Resources for Planning The “When” is “Now”– We’re Older Than We Think! Selling the Family Business and Staying Sane Do Unicorns Exist for Some Family Businesses? Download the M&A Resource, 2015 Edition. Volume 4


How Long Does it Take to Value Your Business

As is often the case in the valuation world, the answer to the above question is it depends! At VMI, our general timeline to complete a business valuation is typically between three to six weeks. During busier seasons (March through June in VMI’s case) it may take closer to the upper end of the range. Show…


2015 Edition, Volume 3

Pressure Grows on Stand-Alone PE Firms Regarding Independent Valuations Inside the Mind of the IRS Re: Reasonable Compensation IRS S Corp Job Aid Now Available Court Uses Hypothetical License to Determine Royalty Damages Against USPS Most Family Businesses See Steady Growth Ahead: PwC Survey Financial Experts Spar Over ‘Market Efficiency’ in Groupon Litigation Delaware Chancery…


Join us at the ESOP Association Multi-State Conference

We’re pleased to announce that this week we are attending, sponsoring, and speaking at the ESOP Association Multi State Conference (PA/DE NJ/NY). Ed Wilusz, Greg Kniesel, and Susan Wilusz will be in attendance. Greg Kniesel Join Greg Kniesel on Sept 16 for his talk: “ESOP Financing and Market Update” Ed Wilusz Join Ed Wilusz on Sept 17, for his talk: “Have…


How Long Does It Really Take To Sell the Business?

Selling a business is analogous to getting married. First, you have to meet someone, next there is the courtship, then, hopefully, you fall in love; and only when and if the pair agree to unite, it is at that point that the big day is planned. How long does it take? There is the typical…