Valuation Discounts

Valuation discounts are applicable when valuing an illiquid or a minority interest in an operating business or in an asset holding company. Value Management Inc. considers and determines the applicability of valuation discounts that affect such interests. Our analysis is based on the shareholder, operating or partnership agreements, the facts and circumstances of each entity, empirical evidence in addition to Value Management Inc.’s combined 125 years of valuation experience, including substantial dealings with the IRS.

While Value Management Inc. is typically engaged by the business owner or taxpayer, we have also performed valuations for the IRS. We use the experience gained from working with the IRS to identify red flags. Valuation Management Inc.’s independent valuations are in-depth, experienced, unbiased and accurate. As a result, our valuation discounts consistently withstand the closest IRS scrutiny.

Let Value Management Inc.’s experience help you navigate the valuation process, including the calculation of valuation discounts, and avoid the risk of being assessed penalties, additional taxes and associated fees that can result from submitting an unsupportable appraisal.

See why the IRS trusts Value Management Inc. with its valuation needs. Email or call us at 215.343.0500 for information on our valuation services.