Marcellus Shale Valuation

natural gas royalty rights

Ongoing development of the Marcellus Shale regions in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia has triggered the need for valuations of the related natural gas royalty rights. This is particularly true for certain counties in Pennsylvania (e.g. Bradford, Susquehanna, Tioga, Green and Washington). These valuations are used for a number of purposes, including estate valuation, estate planning, financial planning or gifting.

In addition to a business appraiser, Marcellus Shale natural gas royalty rights valuations require the expertise and judgment of petroleum engineers and/or geologists. Value Management Inc. takes the lead and coordinates the services of all the experts needed to complete the valuation. We work with a petroleum geologist and engineer with almost 25 years of related experience. Incorporating his findings with Value Management Inc.’s natural gas royalty rights valuation expertise results in independent and supportable natural gas royalty rights appraisals for properties in all stages of development.

Value Management Inc. keeps abreast of all relevant Marcellus Shale industry conditions, trends, practices and developments that may impact a natural gas rights valuation. We bring years of experience and resources to bear on each Marcellus Shale natural gas royalty rights valuation, delivering reasonable, cost-effective, timely valuations you can trust. Value Management Inc.’s Marcellus Shale natural gas royalty rights valuation opinions will withstand IRS scrutiny.

Service Point of Contact
Patricia M. McMullen
Director – Business Valuations