Estate Planning Gift-Tax Valuation

Preserving Wealth for Future Generations.

The goal of estate planning and gifting is to preserve/protect wealth for future generations.

When the estate planning or gifting involves transfers of interests in privately-held companies or asset holding entities, an independent appraisal of the asset being transferred is required. Valuations of these interests are also required upon the death of an interest holder. Value Management Inc. works with attorneys, Certified Public Accountants and financial planners to ensure that clients get the valuation services they need to document and support their estate, estate planning or gifting valuations.

Estate planning and gift-tax valuations must clearly state the interests being valued. If discounts for lack of control (for a minority interest) or lack of marketability of the subject interest are applicable, they must be well documented. The Value Management Inc. team keeps abreast of all valuation related IRS rulings and Tax Court cases and brings to bear all appropriate resources and experience on each assignment. Value Management Inc. has gained additional insight by performing business valuation assignments for the IRS.

Having prepared over 6,500 valuations, Value Management Inc. has the knowledge and experience to complete even the most complex estate, estate planning and gift tax valuations.

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