Economic Analysis of Damages

expert opinions & testimony in litigation

Economic analysis of damages is often a critical element of valuation court challenges and proceedings. Value Management Inc. has extensive experience assisting clients in the evaluation and calculation of the economic damages in complex commercial litigation. Economic damages can include lost profits or loss of the entire business, and may be caused by any number of factors, including, negligence, fraud, theft, patent/trademark infringement or breach of contract.

Economic damages calculation is supported through the use of historical financial data and the application of Value Management Inc.’s business expertise to produce comprehensive financial forecasts. We work closely with counsel on the causation issues to ensure that our economic analysis of damages calculations are performed in accordance with applicable rules and regulations. Our professionals have experience in providing valuable insight and credible expert opinions and testimony in litigation.

Economic analysis of damages is just one type of court challenge valuation handled by Value Management Inc. in support of litigation. With a client list which includes the Internal Revenue Service, State Attorneys General, various municipal government authorities, plus the experience of performing over 6,500 business valuations, Value Management Inc. is the trusted authority in economic analysis of damages.

Value Management Inc. offers expert testimony services whenever valuation challenges arise. Value Management Inc. experts have testified in county, state and federal courts. You can rest assured our expert testimony will be professional, knowledgeable, unbiased and carefully prepared. Let Value Management Inc.’s proven track record of providing expert testimony help you to prevail in court.

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