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Business valuation is reasoned judgement substantiated by fact. Each business valuation report at Value Management Inc. is custom-tailored to address our client’s specific needs. Collectively, the professional team at Value Management Inc. has performed over 6,500 valuations since 1991. From start-ups to billion dollar corporations, Value Management Inc. has business valuation experience in virtually every type of industry. Why trust anyone else with your business valuation needs?

At Value Management Inc. we believe business valuation should be a painless process for our clients. Just give our team access to the right data. Answer some simple questions. We handle the rest!

Our business valuation process includes three key stages:

  1. Data Gathering
  2. Analysis
  3. Application of Valuation Approaches

Business Valuation Estimated Time of Completion

Once all of the necessary data has been received and our interview with management completed, it takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks to receive your business valuation report. In the event of extenuating circumstances or time constraints, we will make every effort to accommodate your specific needs.

Our professional business valuation report will be presented in the form of a comprehensive report, a letter report or a summary letter.

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Answer your Business Valuation questions with this detailed 3-step process.

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