Marital Dissolution

professionalism, speed & discretion

If one or both spouses involved in a marital dissolution own all or part of a business, that ownership interest may be marital property included in the property distribution settlement.

The valuation of a business deemed marital property is a complex process best performed by an experienced business appraiser. Value Management Inc.’s experience in preparing 6,500 valuations of privately-held companies gives us the knowledge and expertise needed to provide well documented, supportable marital dissolution related valuations.

Should there be a dispute between the parties that results in a court challenge, you can depend on Value Management Inc.’s years of expert testimony experience. Our team specializes in providing valuations and supporting expert testimony that stand up to the scrutiny of judges and/or juries. Value Management Inc. will be sure to handle your marital dissolution litigation with professionalism, speed and discretion.

Marital dissolution is just one type of valuation service offered by Value Management Inc. that may face court challenges. Others include litigation involving economic analysis of damages and shareholder disputes.

Put Value Management Inc.’s proven track record of providing expert testimony to work for your client.

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Joseph M. Egler, CFA
Director – Litigation Services | Marital/Shareholder Business Valuations