Buying a Business

Support Throughout the Process

Buying a business doesn’t have to be a battle! Your VMI team has an arsenal packed with years of experience and in-the-trenches knowledge you can trust. Let us bring the support you need as you undergo the process of buying a business.

VMI knows what it takes to get through mergers and acquisitions with all your goals and objectives intact. Working with VMI, you will enjoy the benefits of open communication, knowledgeable advice and decades of experience when buying a business.

VMI starts by helping you refine your acquisition objectives.  At this stage, your advisor works with you to narrow the acquisition search.  Our advisors specialize in addressing your concerns and needs.  Once the acquisition goals are clear, VMI provides the following services when buying a business:

  • Identify and rank qualified prospective sellers.
  • Approach prospective sellers, confidentially, on your behalf.
  • Analyze, both qualitatively and quantitatively, seller information.
  • Assist you with company visits to a potential seller’s location.
  • Suggest a pricing range for prospective targets.
  • Provide advice to help you maximize the value of your purchase.
  • Negotiate the financial terms of the transaction.
  • Facilitate and coordinate the final consummation of the transaction in conjunction with your legal counsel and tax advisors.
Service Point of Contact
Andrew Wilusz
Director – Mergers & Acquisitions