ESOPs: Should You Consider an Interim Valuation? Covid-19

The spread of COVID-19 and the resulting economic uncertainty has caused employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) companies to question their 2019 stock valuations. This annual stock value is typically used for purposes of ESOP participant distributions and diversifications until the next annual valuation.   Only what was known or knowable as of the appraisal date should…


Fall Newsletter 2018

In This Issue: Lady Liberty Stamp Costs USPS Millions in Copyright Infringement Avoid Leaving Money on the Table in an M&A Transaction New Jersey Adopts Key Daubert Factors for Expert Admissibility Determination M&A and Lending Markets Still Hot New Study Predicts Mass Conversion From PTE to C Corp Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice Cited…


ESOP Compliance: Coloring Inside the Lines

In the complex world of ESOP Regulation, it is crucial that the trustee follow all Department of Labor (“DOL”) guidelines. The DOL has become increasingly vigilant, and, as new process agreements have been issued, ESOP trustees must be ever more adherent to compliance protocols. This is not the place to push boundaries or express creativity….


Internal vs External Trustees: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The world of ESOPs is hardly a gun-slinging Clint Eastwood movie but the complexity of the plans, ERISA’s guidelines, and the compliance requirements, can occasionally make it feel like the Wild West.  In some cases, the selection of an appropriate trustee can evoke the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.  VMI offers the following guidelines…


Are You Worried About The Value of Your ESOP Stock?

You should be! The valuation of ESOP stock is of particular importance to the ESOP trustees and ESOP participants. One of an ESOP trustees’ fiduciary responsibilities is to understand and approve the ESOP stock valuation. For participants, the ESOP stock value directly impacts their retirement benefits. These issues are enough keep you up at night!…


Have an ESOP your employees can be proud of

Some of the most successful companies have become so by providing proper incentives to their employees. One such incentive is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (“ESOP”), a defined benefit retirement plan. With properly employed ESOPs, these companies have been shown to outperform similar companies without ESOPs. ESOP give employees a vested interest in the company’s…