Fall Newsletter 2017

Succession Planning Options for Family-Owned Businesses Many Small-Biz Owners Don’t Want to Retire Surprising Estimates of Private-Company Cost of Equity Proxy Gave ‘Fair’ Summary of Valuation Work, Chancery Says Tombstones What’s the Value of a Laugh? New Jersey Ruling Cements Use of DLOM to Sanction Oppressing Shareholder VMI Highlights Download the Fall Newsletter 2017


How Do You Tell Your Employees that You Are Selling the Business?

BATTER UP! Preparation is the key to making a successful announcement about selling your business. Like the leadoff hitter, who spends hours taking batting practice, studying the opposing pitcher, and perfecting his swing, the business owner must be well prepared when he steps up to the plate to deliver the news. A key component of…


Summer Newsletter 2017

Chancery Says Control Premiums Are Real and Legitimate Valuation Issues KO’d a Third of M&A Deals in 2016 Global Brand Acquisition Values Up Most Family Firms Need a Good Succession Plan Coffee: It’s All About the Brand Rogue One Film Points Up Celeb Estate Valuation Issue Busy Time for Law Firm M&A Healthcare Multiples Chancery…


Spring Newsletter 2017

Introducing a New Look for Value Management Inc. Identifiable Intangibles Garner Bigger Share of Purchase Price Allocations Marijuana Legalized in Eight New States Trump’s Woes Highlight Human Risk to Brand Values Tombstones A Man With a Plan Can Tax Court Corrects Prior Valuation of LP Interest to Startling Result Download the Spring Newsletter 2017


Internal vs External Trustees: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The world of ESOPs is hardly a gun-slinging Clint Eastwood movie but the complexity of the plans, ERISA’s guidelines, and the compliance requirements, can occasionally make it feel like the Wild West.  In some cases, the selection of an appropriate trustee can evoke the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.  VMI offers the following guidelines…


Summer Newsletter 2016

VMI Celebrates its 25th Anniversary VMI Represents Mangar Industries in Sale to Oliver Products Company Acquisitions of Private Firms Increased 10% in 2015 Healthy Outlook for Healthcare ASC Acquisitions Tombstones Valuation Multiples in Healthcare Services Hot M&A Market in the Staffing Industry Download the Summer Newsletter 2016