Winter Newsletter 2018

Winter Newsletter 2018

Value Management Inc.
Value Management Inc.

  • The Stock Market and it’s Impact On The Value of Closely-Held Businesses
  • SEC Settlement Over Fair Value Signals Shift of Focus
  • Another Nonprofit Hospital Caught in Property Tax Crackdown
  • Delaware No Longer Has Friendliest Lawsuit Climate
  • Some Tell-Tale Signs That A Forecast is Unreliable
  • The Effects of Corporate Scandal
  • Handling the Causation Issue in Damage Cases
  • Delaware Supreme Court Disses Chancery’s Blending of Valuation Methods
  • Monkey Selfie Copyright Lawsuit Settled
  • It’s Still A Seller’s Market in 2018 & No End Is In Sight (Yet!)
  • Tax Effects Are Relevant to Equitable Distribution Analysis in PA
  • Tombstones
  • VMI Highlights

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