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Q3 Newsletter 2022

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Value Management Inc.
  • Holy Cow! New York Yankees Hit $6 Billion in Value
  • More Business Owners Deciding to Sell, Most Retiring
  • Purchase Price Allocation Study
  • New Lease Accounting Rules
  • Delaware Chancery Court Allows Breach of Fiduciary Suit to Move Forward on a SPAC
  • Delaware Chancery Court Rejects Partnership Valuation in a Freeze-Out as Unfair to Minority Partners
  • U.S. District Court Dismisses Valuation Firm’s Plea to Require Insurance Company to Defend a Lawsuit Against It
  • Goodwill Impairments in U.S. Doubled in 2020
  • Typical Components of M&A Fees
  • Strong M&A Outlook in the Food and Beverage Sector
  • VMI Highlights

Q3 2022 VMI Newsletter

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