Expert Testimony You Can Trust

Expert Testimony is the key to winning a business valuation court challenge. At Value Management Inc., our business valuation services don’t end when the valuation numbers are in. If your valuation is being challenged in court, you can count on Value Management Inc. to stand by your side with expert testimony that supports our valuation determination.

In fact, most court cases pertaining to business valuations are won or lost based on the expert testimony. Value Management Inc. analysts are qualified as expert witnesses in business valuation cases on a county, state and federal level. Value Management Inc. professionals have testified in over 100 business valuation cases since opening our doors in 1991. You can rest assured our expert testimony in your case will be professional, objective, knowledgeable, and carefully prepared.

Thanks to powerful expert testimony, our opinions of value have prevailed against challenges before various judicial and regulatory agencies, including the Internal Revenue Service. When it comes to business valuation cases, our expert testimony services are second to none in the areas of economic analysis of damages, shareholder disputes and marital dissolution.

Make Value Management Inc. your go-to team for expert testimony services. Email or call (215) 343-0500 for more information about our services.