Summer Newsletter 2019

M&A Basics: Buying A Business Firms Relying More on Third Party Valuers Drivers for a Hospital Deloitte Examines M&A Trends for 2019 Tombstone Experts Clash Over Definition of ‘Net Worth’ in New Jersey Buyout Dispute Verizon’s $4.6 Billion Impairment Expert’s Use of Wrong Damages Methodology Results in ‘Grossly Inflated’ Damages Appellate Court Upholds Use of…


2014 Edition, Volume 4

A ‘Rose.com’ Is a ‘Rose.com’: What’s the Value of a Domain? IRS Kicks Off ‘Limited’ 409A Audit Project Best Practices for Fund Valuations as SEC Cracks Down Healthcare M&A Spending Is Uo 171% in 2Q14 over1Q14 VMI Highlights 2014 4Q 2014 Newsletter (Reader)


2014 Edition – Volume 3

Studies Show Merger Synergies Are Optimistic – Concerns with M&A Targets – No Easy Money in M&A Shareholder Suits for Plaintiffs – Candy Crush Gets “Crushed” But Other IPOs Do Well – Priorites for the Healthcare Industry – Hospitals Shift M&A Focus to Outpatient Facilities – Plaintiffs’ Case Undermined by Lack of Valuation Expert – VMI Highlights


2014 Edition – Volume 2

When is the Right Time to Sell a Business? – Valuations High for Private Firms, Says New Pepperdine Report – New Analysis of Value of Small Online Biz – FASB Endorses PCC Alternatives for Goodwill and Interest Rate Swaps – Step Zero Surprise in New Goodwill Impairment Study – New Cases Spotlight the Value of ‘Right of Publicity’ – DE Chancery Prefers Use of Merger Price to Determine Fair Value


2014 Edition – Volume 1

M&A Activity Brisk, 3rd Quarter 2013 Multiples Up Purchase Price Allocation Shifts Away from Goodwill Avoiding the Valuation of Referrals in a Healthcare Context DE Chancery Scrutinizes Pre-Crisis Projections IRS Discovers DCF is a ‘Double-Edged’ Sword No Taboo Against Marketability Discount in Sharholder Suit VMI Highlights Download


2013 Edition – Volume 4

Stars Align for More M&A Activity Looking for the Elusive Value of Synergy in M&A Hospitals on Shopping Spree for Physician Practices ‘Bad’ Valuation of King of Pop Estate, Says IRS Which Business Type has the Highest Effective Tax Rate? Expert’s Loss-of-Use Computation Holds Up on Appeal Claims Court Rules IRC Section 409A Governs Discounted…


2013 Edition – Volume 2

Some Insights on Recent ‘Baffling’ FLP Rulings US Court of Federal Claims Agrees with the IRS Position that Section 409A Applies to Discount Stock Options Battle of Three Experts Turns on Reliability of Third-Party Appraisals Expert’s Damages in Cookie Case….Crumbles Patent Value May Drive Return to US Prosperity, Says New Brookings Report Download


2013 Edition – Volume 1

Expert’s Evidence is Key to Reversing a Zero Damages Verdict Battle of Three Experts Turns on Reliability of Third-Party Appraisals IRS Focus is More on Operations of FLPs, Says Porter What it Takes to Succeed on a Patent Apportionment Analysis VMI Highlights Download


2012 Edition – Volume 4

The 2012 Gifting Opportunity ESOP Fiduciary Review of a Valuation Actual Transaction is “Gold Standard” of Valuation, 7th Circuit Says Rebuttal Expert May Be Redundant in Offering Only a Critique VMI Highlights Download


2012 Edition – Volume 3

Well-Planned FLP Survives IRS Challenge Court Case Roundup Daubert Challenges to Financial Experts Fall to a Record Low, but Success Rate Climbs to Six Year High, Says Annual PwC Study Economy May be Triggering Litigation in Every Public Deal VMI Highlights Download