A Valuation Carol: Our Secret To Business Valuations

Our Secret To Business Valuations is all about asking the right questions. Should we be really be giving away our secret to business valuations? YES! GHOST OF VALUATIONS PAST The best place to start the due diligence process is getting a sense of where the subject company has been in order to see where it’s…


How Long Does it Take to Value Your Business

As is often the case in the valuation world, the answer to the above question is it depends! At VMI, our general timeline to complete a business valuation is typically between three to six weeks. During busier seasons (March through June in VMI’s case) it may take closer to the upper end of the range. Show…


Little Known Ways to Increase Your Company’s Stock Value

How can two companies in the same industry that are similar in size have significantly different valuations? Knowing the answer can help you to increase your company’s value. Go after Low Hanging Fruit The best way to start is by taking an objective look at the company’s operations and identify any inefficiencies or redundancies. One…